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"I have known and worked with Tara for almost 15 years, and I am always impressed with the quality of her work and the care and attention she brings to each project." ~ Derick Burns, Marketing and Communications Manager, Teaching and Learning with Technology, Penn State

About the Process


I offer a free consultation during which I will seek to understand your goals, vision, mission, the intended audience for your message, and other relevant factors with regard to your unique project.

Project Specifications

After the consultation, I will provide a bid letter for any project discussed. This letter will include job specifications, the total cost for me to perform the job, and a list of tasks I will complete for the quoted cost. Tasks may include research, interviews, meetings, and revisions, to name a few common examples.

Performing the Job

Deadlines and processes will be established in the consultation and project specifications stages. Unless the project requirements change after the initial agreement, in which case adjustments may be made, I will provide a superior quality product by the agreed-upon deadline.

Specialty Topic Areas

Although I am, by nature, a generalist (I write because I love to learn), there are a few topic areas that are of particular interest to me and several in which I have significantly high levels of experience.

Contact me for more information and to discuss your specific communication needs.

Visit the samples page to view some of Tara's work.